Geronimo the Grasshopper

The second book in the Insect Adventures series of children’s stories tells the tale of Geronimo the grasshopper, as he learns to jump higher and goes on an exciting adventure when he leaves his heathland home. Will he return in time to win the Mould Medal in the Heathland Games? The book was published by the Essex Field Club in July 2017 and has a foreword by Jimmy Doherty. The illustrations are by Andrea Ellis of Unequi Science & Creativity. To buy the book (£5.99 + £1.50 UK p&p) click on the PayPal link below or email me (see below).

Price + p&p


  1. Hey Tim - so proud to be part of this - thank you for all your hard work to make this happen - great story - great fun!!! Great book for kids to learn about insects and have fun.

    1. Hi Andrea, yes it's great to get the book published in the end, I'm grateful to the Essex Field Club. I enjoyed writing it and your illustrations look fab, thank you.